After Aqua defeats Terra-Xehanort in Radiant Garden, Terra's heart resists against Xehanort, forcing Xehanort to lock his heart to get rid of what remains of him. Sometime later, Terra has a victory beach party on Destiny Islands with all of friends; having a race with Riku and Roxas while Aqua and Mickey cheer them on. Terra appears in this video game along with Aqua and Ventus. Written for the Halloween Hearts zine. When Data-Naminé gives Data-Sora the extra memories that were implanted in Jiminy's Journal, an image of Terra appears, along with images of Aqua and Ventus. [23], To expand the connection between Terra and Riku, scenes foreshadowing future events involving Riku from Terra's perspective were added to the game, though Nomura has stated that these scenes are not of a precognitive nature. During Sora, Aqua, and Ventus's battle against Terra-Xehanort, Terra's heart awakens from within Terra-Xehanort's "guardian" Heartless, which aids Sora in banishing Xehanort's heart and restoring Terra to his true self. Also, Master Xehanort has vanished and may be in danger as he can't be contacted. Eraqus tells Terra he has a second chance to prove himself worthy of being named a Master, willing to do so at a moment's notice, but cannot as Terra is so obsessed with the power out of the fear of losing that it puts him in danger of succumbing to darkness. Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. First making cameo appearances in Kingdom Hearts II and its updated version Final Mix, Aqua is one of the three playable protagonists who is introduced in the 2010 prequel Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Aqua and Ventus will be brand new in box. [1], The prequel Birth by Sleep introduces Terra as an apprentice Keyblade wielder who trains alongside Aqua and Ventus at the Land of Departure. [35] Kimberly Wallace from Game Informer expected Terra, alongside his friends, to appear in Kingdom Hearts III. His heart is sleeping, and he has been laid to rest in a secret chamber of a certain castle until someone can wake him up. An early character concept for Terra first appeared in the secret endings of Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, titled "The Gathering" and "Birth by Sleep", respectively. When Hook left to investigate a shooting star, Terra clashed with Peter Pan, who was after the chest; however, once the treasure inside it was spilled Terra ceased fighting. [18] In October 2007, Nomura was asked if the Lingering Will was actually Terra due to their similarities, but he responded it was still uncertain. His appearance is carried on to Terra-Xehanort, as he is effectively Terra's body under Master Xehanort's influence. [3][4] Periodically, the vagabond Master Xehanort appeals to Terra to channel the power of darkness freely,[5] creating a schism between him and his friends as they grow troubled by his actions. From the view of the story, it is revealed she is one of the Keyblade Wielders before Sora. This indicates that, despite the destruction of Ansem and Xemnas, Terra is still alive in some shape or form. The recreation of the Wayfinder sold here isnt made of Thalassa shells, but it is made of modern materials which will be durable and In gratitude, Zack calls Terra a hero. Sora, Vanitas, Ventus, and Roxas appear are 15. The main reason I kept dreaming about seeing the outside world... was 'cause of him.Riku remembers Terra. When Ventus, Terra and Aqua go on separate journeys to stop a new threat called the Unversed, Xehanort slowly manipulates Terra to make him a new vessel. Aqua's wayfinder is a dark blue center that fades to lighter blue in the edges. [16] Despite not revealing their identities, Nomura still said that they are characters from the past from the Kingdom Hearts series. In the Castle of Dreams, Terra learned from Cinderella and Fairy Godmother how important it is to believe in one's dreams. Leaving, Terra was forced back to defend the Lost Boys from a swarm of Unversed. "[32] Bob Miur from Destructoid compared Terra's storyline with the film Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith due to the struggles he faces, and found that gamers familiar to the series may realize that his fate in the game "won't turn out to be very pretty." When Terra clears the first rounds without trouble or using his darkness, Hades uses darkness to take control of Zack, who faces Terra in the next match. According to Tetsuya Nomura, she is approximately 18 years old.Aqua has a tall and slender figure, about as thin as Ventus and standing a few inches shorter than Terra. Evil, being overcome by darkness, Xehanort, Revived from Terra-Xehanort, helps the other Guardians of Light defeat Master Xehanort, and returns to the Land of Departure with his friends, "My dream is to become a Keyblade Master!". Unbeknownst to them, Master Xehanort is responsible for Terra's darkness flaring up during the exam. Terra and Aqua appear as 18 year olds. A second blast frees Xehanort, but Terra feels ashamed of using darkness. Terra is surprised to hear that Master Xehanort believes he has shown the Mark of Mastery by being able to channel his darkness instead of succumbing to it. Terra is a tall young man with dark brown hair that reaches to the base of his neck in the back and is styled into rather messy, vertical spikes and bangs that frame his face. [15], Although Terra, Ventus and Aqua first appeared in the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts II wearing armor, director Tetsuya Nomura still had not designed their final look, having only thought about their story. However, it only gives Xehanort amnesia instead of the desired result, and almost sends them into the Realm of Darkness; however, Aqua takes their place to send them back. After the evil Master Xehanort sees the darkness in Terra’s heart, he manipulates the Mark of Mastery Exam, causing Aqua to win and Terra … I would love to but I don't. [16] Following the release of the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Nomura revealed a connection between them and the game's villain Xemnas, but wanted to leave it up to people's imaginations as he still could not reveal their identities. When 626 gives it back, Terra wonders if Dr. Jumba was right in thinking his experiments can't feel emotions. However, though they believe they've failed to stop him, Sora refuses to give up and prepares to confront Master Xehanort once and for all. Eraqus convinces Xehanort to relinquish the X-blade to the guardians and apologizes to Terra, Aqua, and Ventus for what his actions and ideologies put them through. The Square Enix Official Goods Twitter account has revealed information concerning upcoming Kingdom Hearts Bring Arts figures.. Prototype versions of an upcoming Ventus Bring Arts figure and an Aqua Bring Arts figure were displayed in a recent tweet! Terra arrives in Olympus Coliseum, where he encounters Hades, who is looking for a powerful warrior he can manipulate and set against Zeus. Terra is a driven young man who, along with his best friends Ventus and Aqua, was a Keyblade apprentice of Master Eraqus studying to become a Keyblade Master. Ventus la… Refusing, Terra is forced to battle the mirror; his victory resulting in the mirror's rhyming riddle "beyond both light and dark, he dwells; where war was raged upon the fells." Even after this, Terra and Master Xehanort's hearts continue their conflict inside Xehanort's body, disputing over who will control it. Terra's long-time dream was to become a Keyblade Master. [19] When asked about the Will's true nature after being revealed to contain Terra's memories, Nomura stated it was not a Heartless. His name means "Earth" in Latin and in Portuguese, similar to Riku 's name in Japanese meaning "land". One of three Keyblade wielders who played a pivotal role in a historic clash more than a dozen years ago. One day during training, Master Xehanort visited the Land of Departure, bringing with him a near-catatonic Ventus, asking Eraqus to take care of the boy and train him as a Keyblade wielder. He appears in-game as a pupil of Master Eraqus who trains alongside his friends Aqua and Ventus to become a master of the Keyblade weapon. Terra, Aqua, and Ventus were three best friends training to … [27] writer Emily Gera stated that players may know little about them due to their role in Kingdom Hearts II, but with Birth by Sleep, players will able to know about them. The engaged couple is preparing to start a new chapter in their lives when an unknown, comatose boy is admitted into the hospital. POV Terra (Kingdom Hearts) Summary. He also wears a black, fingerless glove on his hand and what appears to be a black gauntlet on his forearm, over the segmented armor, which also has small pieces of dark red armor on it. Seeing that he's been had, Terra defeats Zack, releasing him from Hades' control. Aqua, Terra, and Ventus' Adventures of Stardust. Terra's gameplay was also described by Nomura as "heavy" in comparison to Ventus's and Aqua's. When Sora and the others arrive at the Keyblade Graveyard for their final confrontation with Master Xehanort and his True Organization XIII, Terra-Xehanort attempts to wipe them out before they even reach Master Xehanort by striking down Ventus and Lea before being repelled by Donald with a powerful spell that leaves Donald severely weakened, leaving Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Aqua, Ventus, Lea, Kairi, and later Riku, unable to fight off a powerful Demon Tide Heartless tornado that is able to sweep them all up, leaving Sora at its mercy as it goes for the kill. Terra's mastery of raw power is comparable to Goofy and Master Xehanort in the Kingdom Hearts series. Miur also commented on Dohring's work, praising how he makes Terra "tortured and conflicted", but still criticizing the result. Terra spent his days as a Keyblade apprentice training under Eraqus at the Land of Departure, along with his friend, Aqua. Kingdom Hearts has been consumed by darkness. You have to be strong. He asks Terra to take care of Vanitas and sends him to the "city of light" - Radiant Garden. Terra was a Keyblade apprentice training under Eraqus at the Land of Departure, along with his friend, Aqua. Instead, he wears it on his belt. Like Terra and Ventus, it is her dream to become a Keyblade Master, a dream she is the only of the three to accomplish. As the only one among her friends to obtain the rank of Keyblade Master, Aqua is assigned to monitor Te Enamel pins of the Wayfinder Trio - Ventus, Aqua, and Terra Get them individually or as a set! Nomura recommended players to first play as Terra in Birth by Sleep in order to understand the story better. Riku: *Turns to the Guardian of Light* Put your hand up if you thought Ventus was Aqua’s and Terra’s son. [13] Terra briefly appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, first during Sora's dream where Sora's friends, Riku and Kairi, are transformed into Terra and Aqua; and again when Sora declares his pride in being connected to many Keyblade wielders. [11] Following Terra-Xehanort's battle with Aqua, Terra's heart begins resisting Xehanort with the aid of Eraqus's heart, revealed to have entered Terra's own before his apparent death, while Xehanort ends up in an amnesic state by the time Ansem the Wise took him as an apprentice.[12]. [21], Out of the three protagonists from Birth by Sleep, Terra's design was the only one Nomura decided on from the start, with Nomura stating Terra would be designed younger than shown in previous games. However, when considering Terra's weapon being a Keyblade in contrast to all the other Final Fantasy characters shown in previous Kingdom Hearts games, he thought he may not be Zack. Additionally, the latter game and remakes include the Lingering Will as an optional boss that is accessible upon clearing the game's story. [33] UGO Networks listed Terra's Helmet nineteenth on their list of "The Coolest Helmets and Headgear in Video Games", stating "For a minute, but only a minute, the two-horned helmet will get you feeling like the Keyblade is a viable weapon. Terra makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts Coded alongside various other suffering characters who are bound to Sora's heart. Terra is seen at the Land of Departure with a sleeping Ventus, waking his friend up before they both say Sora's name with a sense of renewed hope. "[34] In a Famitsu poll, Terra was voted as the fifth most popular Kingdom Hearts character. [14] A vision of Terra makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage, a part of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, while Aqua explores the realm of darkness. Terra declares to Xehanort that he no longer fears the darkness and vows to continue resisting Xehanort, who realizes Eraqus' presence in Terra's heart. [24] Amanda L. Kondolojy from Cheat Code Central found there have been various speculations regarding the similarities between Terra and Zack, but thought it would not be strange considering the existence of Nobodies in the series. However, using his power of waking while in the Final World, Sora is able to save his friends and reverse time to moments before the encounter with Terra-Xehanort, but when they find themselves in the same spot again, before history can repeat itself and Terra-Xehanort can strike down Ventus as his first victim again, the Lingering Will appears to protect Ventus and Aqua, forcing Terra-Xehanort into retreat, while the Demon Tide tornado is defeated and dispersed by Sora and the Keyblades of fallen Keyblade Warriors coming to aid him in his hour of need.